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A licensed job coater of Dörken MKS

Dörken Delta Coating System

Hong Shiang executes the anti-corrosive coating method: Chromium-Free Zinc Flake Coating - Dörken Delta Coating System, which can apply to many kinds of metal, such as iron, steel, copper and aluminum. The gray coating layer formed by zinc flake and aluminum scale can extend the Corrosion Resistance of salt spray test to more than 1500 hrs by its Physical Shielding Effect, Cathodic Protection, Passivation and Self-repairing function. The coating layers also perform good heat resistant ability up to 300 oC (572 oF).
Besides, the Dörken Delta Coating System contents no chromium, nickel, lead, barium and mercury. It conforms with the regulation of End-of life vehicles, RoHS II, Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), Pentabrom-/Octabromdiphenylether, PFOS and REACh.


1. Excellent performances of anticorrosion and endurance
2. Excellent heat resistance performance
3. No hydrogen embrittlement
4. Excellent penetration performance
5. Easy to coat on other paint
6. Available for most metal
7. Chromium (Cr) free

Specification Dörken Delta Zinc Flake Coating Zinc Plating Hot Dip Galvanizing
Corrosion resistance by salt spray test 1500 hrs up 72 hrs 360 hrs
Coating thickness 6 ~ 10 μm (without top coat)
8 ~ 12 μm (with top coat)
5 ~ 8 μm 35 ~ 50 μm
Heat resistance beyond 300 oC great bad great
No hydrogen embrittlement great bad bad
Less bimetallic corrosion great bad -
Decreasing of friction coefficient great good -
Adhesion great great great
Coating hardness good great good
Chromium free great bad great
great : excellent   good : good   bad : not available   - : no data