Zinc Flake Coating for wide range of parts

With two dip-spin production lines, Hong Shiang can apply Zinc Flake Coating to wide range of parts, such as clip hose clamp for automotive industry or screws for construction and electronic appliance industry. The outstanding anti-corrosion performance can pass the salt spray test more than 1500 hrs. Furthermore, its high coating quality also meets environmental standards, such as End-of life vehicles, RoHS II, Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and many OEM specifications.

A licenced job coater of Dörken MKS

Dörken MKS is a company specialized in surface processing material. Its Delta Coating System is well known in zinc flake coating industry. Hong Shiang cooperates with Dörken MKS Company to offer customers best quality anti-corrosion coating service.